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all saints'

Writing stories about arcane topics is good because, if nothing else, you learn some weird shit. Here are useful distinctions*:

Optometrist: A specialist in optometry (examining the eye for defects and faults of refraction and the prescription of correctional lenses and exercises but not including the use of drugs or surgery).

Ophthalmologist: A physician that specializes in the study and treatment of defects and diseases of the eye.

Oculist: An alternate term for either of the above two.

Optician: A maker of or dealer in optical items and instruments; one that grinds spectacle lenses to prescription and dispenses spectacles.

Opticist: A specialist in optics (the science of light).

Ocularist: One who manufactures prosthetic eyes. We've got our own right over in Coralville, in the form of Iowa Eye Prosthetics, Inc. ("We specialize in special eyes.")

*All definitions from Webster's Third except "ocularist," which surprisingly is too obscure for them to include.

Also, I discovered the publication of Meat Goat Monthly News. You know, niche market. The photo on the cover is perfectly horrific, given the woman's position on the food chain vis-à-vis the goat.



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