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and dances with the daffodils

Recent quotes by Ethan on the art of writing a novella:

"Let's conduct an Einsteinian thought-experiment on this one."

"You need a big ending. You need an amazing and surpising and inevitable Soylent Green is People sort of ending."

"Well, see if that rings your dinger."

This appears to be a Soylent Green ballad.

Positive press for Flight by our dear workshop-mate José Skinner, who read last night at Prairie Lights and translated all the swearwords into Spanish on the fly so as to comply with FCC regulations. This page has the by-now-famous Offutt quote, as well as C.M. Mayo pronouncing it "hoot-out-loud funny."

Who knew: conductors have an unfortunate tendency to die during performances, generally from heart failure. "These guys need regular screening," warns Dr Romeo Vecht, a senior cardiologist at London's Wellington Hospital. "Put them on the bicycle, take an echocardiogram. You can't always win, but you can pick things up early enough to save lives."

Ugly Rooms for the Beautiful People, from Hannah via Felisa, chronicling the worst interior-decorating disasters of the 1970s in all their cacochromatic glory.


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