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starbucks is like the industrial revolution

My torch lamp burnt out this morning. Tilting it to change the bulb, I discovered a tiny insect graveyard. There must have been close to twenty of the poor sots. This is what happens when you think with your gonads. Word to Liz Claiborne et al.: light is now sexy.

San Francisco proposes covering sex changes under medical benefits--which would make it the only governmental body in the nation to do so. This reminds me of my fourth-grade year in England, when a kid named Malcolm was trying to convince a kid named Peter that sex changes existed.

Peter: "No way."

Malcolm: "Yes! They chop off your dong and make you a plastic twat." (I believe those were the actual words for the organs.)

Peter: "I don't believe you."

Malcolm: "They only have them in America." [to me] "Isn't that right?"

Me: "Um... I'm not sure."

Malcolm: "Do you have an American dictionary?"

Me: "Yes."

Malcolm: [to Peter] "He has an American dictionary. He can go home and look up 'sex change,' and then you'll see."

Our dictionary was an old Webster's and didn't list "sex change." Fortunately, I don't believe the issue ever came up again.


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