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Cultural and Scientific Conference for World Peace, New York, 1949

Left to right: Alexander Fadeyev, Norman Mailer, Dmitri Shostakovich, Arthur Miller, Olaf Stapledon.

Shostakovich only went because Stalin made him.

why don't men stand around looking like norman mailer anymore?

I'm afraid that the example Mailer ended up setting might have ruined that stance for everyone.

try it without the cigarette and the suitcoat; a pencil and an ironic t-shirt don'

I should say not! (Note, by the way, that Shostakovich and Stapledon appear to be the only ones who didn't get the message about taking off their dorky nametags.)

is it me or does mailer look like lee harvey oswald? its just me, right?

Oh come now! It's a peace conference!


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