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  • Bach's Mass in B Minor, which is Baroque but deeply felt, not annoyingly boppy.

  • People are actually buying my old laserdiscs on half.com. I mean, laserdiscs. Somebody still wants them.

  • Tostitos, except I ate them all. That may not count.

  • Julia's reading last night, was good.

  • Justin's introduction to Julia's reading, which was all about Justin, nevertheless, good.

  • The water lily Nymphaea ampla, thought to contain the psychoactive alkaloids aporphine, nuciferine, and nornuciferine, which according to different accounts can mimic anything from opiates to MDMA. It's the New World equivalent to the Egyptian lotus. It was associated with the Maya rain-god Chac, and also certain types of Central American toads which yes, you can lick to get high. I'm not personally licking the toads or anything, mind you—this is research.

  • The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady. Hot damn!

  • It's 18 degrees Fahrenheit out there w/ wind chill, yeah, but at least my apartment no longer feels like one giant radiator.

  • School board says yes, kids can drop eggs on bin Laden's face. (via ObscureStore).


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