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pig iron

No sonnet today. I think the last one blew a fuse. Here, this is last night's phone conversation.


LMO: Hello?

ME: Hi.

LMO: Oh, I was just going to call you. Here, hang on.

SLK: I guess I'm supposed to talk to you.

ME: Oh, all right. What are you doing?

SLK: Eating a slice of pizza.

ME: What kind?

SLK: Pepperoni and onion.

ME: Oh, you've gone back to mammals?

SLK: What's that?

ME: You've gone back to mammals?

[Thirty second silence.]

SLK: Um.

[Twenty second silence.]

SLK: Well, I.

[Thirty second silence.]

SLK: So yes.

ME: Oh, sorry. I thought you were talking to someone else in the room.

SLK: No, no.

ME: Right.

SLK: It's just that there's a lot to keep track of. There's music. And there's a cat.

ME: One needs tactics to deal with these things. A constantly evolving tactical strategy. Like Rommel, the desert fox.

SLK: Huh.

ME: That sort of rapid response.

SLK: I thought he just kicked a lot of ass.

ME: But I think he did it in a supple way. I don't know. I'm an indifferent student of twentieth century military history.

SLK: I don't even try, really.

ME: It's probably best that way. Where did Lauren go?

SLK: She was outside, or smoking, or... it's been a night like that. It's been a night of three-legged cats and relationship issues.

ME: I see.

SLK: [Away from mouthpiece.] No, I just thought that was the best way to describe it.

ME: Should I call back later?

SLK: [Away from mouthpiece.] Should he call back later? Okay, here she is.

LMO: Don't I have the best receptionist?

ME: That conversation made no sense.

LMO: Sorry if that was sketchy. I just found out that both of you were going to be in town and decided to throw you at one another.

ME: Oh. Wait, was that Stewart?

LMO: Who did you think it was?

ME: I thought it was Joe.

LMO: No. He left today.

ME: Oh. Oh. Well, that explains things.

LMO: Sorry.

ME: Oh.


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