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In the mere six million years since chimps and humans shared a common ancestor, this highly complex faculty has suddenly emerged in the hominid line alone, along with all the brain circuits necessary to map an extremely rapid stream of sound into meaning, meaning into words and syntax, and intended sentence into expressed utterance.

It is easy to see in a general way that each genetic innovation, whether in understanding or in expressing language, might create such an advantage for its owners as to spread rapidly through a small population.

"No one will take any notice of the guy who says `Gu-gu-gu'; the one with the quick tongue will get the mates," Dr. Bickerton said.

I don't know why I find that so hilarious and sad. But now I want to write a book from the POV of the guy who says "Gu-gu-gu."

sunday morning, 07 13 03

Always, always more to be done. But the most egregious bills are paid, and the finances look better than they did a few days ago. So I think the record should be out in a month or so, meaning that I need to register with BMI and get the fledgling label cleared with the (IRS/City of Portland/Oregon Secretary of State) and do some actual design on this site and the new sister site, which is not very impressive right now. This interim design was meant to suggest the bare walls of my apartment after all the furniture was packed away; such is no longer my situation.

But I have been tiring myself with all the activity & change (I slept 11 hours last night), so for the moment it is imperative that I go read Anna Karenina in the park. I'm still at the beginning; Vronsky and Anna just danced the mazurka, and is Kitty ever pissed.

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