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sunday morning, 07 13 03

Always, always more to be done. But the most egregious bills are paid, and the finances look better than they did a few days ago. So I think the record should be out in a month or so, meaning that I need to register with BMI and get the fledgling label cleared with the (IRS/City of Portland/Oregon Secretary of State) and do some actual design on this site and the new sister site, which is not very impressive right now. This interim design was meant to suggest the bare walls of my apartment after all the furniture was packed away; such is no longer my situation.

But I have been tiring myself with all the activity & change (I slept 11 hours last night), so for the moment it is imperative that I go read Anna Karenina in the park. I'm still at the beginning; Vronsky and Anna just danced the mazurka, and is Kitty ever pissed.

he addresses his objects

Rug: you are southwestern, you match the couches.
I have run the network cable beneath you.
Too much cable is still exposed, yet the feng shui seems better disposed.

Desk: you rest in state beneath my rear window.
My father helped attach your L-shaped return, for I do not know a nail from a hole in the ground.
In the night I will crouch behind you and watch my neighbors undress.

Paper lantern: I have appropriated your cultural connotations, orientalistically, for my bedroom.
I had to unscrew the light fixture in a precarious way to get you attached.
I hope you do not catch fire.

Kitchen canisters: you are glossy and blue, you hold rice and coffee and sugar.
I justified your purchase to myself as an "unavoidable moving-in expense."
This was bald sophistry.

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