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Neko Case, Mountain Winery, 9.4.15

“Thank you for coming to see us at this… mountainside… citadel, brought to you by the cheapest wine from the eighties. No, really, I used to drink so much Paul Masson—I know it's not his winery any more—”

“That was Eric Bachmann. He was a-shreddin. Acoustically. Kind of. He practiced that.”

“John’s laughing at me. I have this picture where I stuck a bunch of tampons in John’s beard. It’s like having a German shepherd around—‘okay, you’re doing that, whatever, just stick a bunch of tampons in my fur.’”

“The beards are back! They’re framing me like I’m the emperor Justinian or some shit. Like lions—it’s called heraldic grouping. That's art history class. We are heraldically grouped for you.”

I wanna sex you up!—that’s one of the melodies that is in my head at all times.”

“I’m doing these two songs one after the other just to prove that I can still tune a guitar. That’s the thing about letting dudes tune your guitar, you look like a total douchebag when you try to do it yourself.” [Starts, stops song.] “Shit.”

“I lost it during that one. ‘I touch, comma, touch you’; only Scott Walker can say that. Seriously, some lines are so cunty, you need this man who looks like the guy from Logan’s Run before the run, holding a tiny, catheter-sized microphone—”

“Dan Hunt, our drummer, is not here. When he joined the band I asked him, so what, are you going to have kids or anything, and he said, I don't want any fuckin’ kids. So, he has a one-month-old baby at home. I reminded him and he said, I knew I had to say that to get in your band. She's very cute. I’m kind of glad he had her.”

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