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He rests. He has traveled.


Ruby on Rails and Perl on Pails and Java on Jails and SQL on Sails and Android on Ales and Github on Gales and Wordpress on Whales and Homebrew on Hails and Travis on Trails and Bamboo on Bails and LDAP on Llails and xml­Text­Reader­Schema­Validate­Ctxt on Phthails.


Going to a dark bed there was a map onto a space of sets of loops in groups of the night of all open and closed loops over groups in the map onto space of Expressionable the Nth.


The 1973 Disney Robin Hood left R. prostrate over the rhinoceros follies, and made her ask about the Crusades.

—There was a particular special city called Jerusalem;

—I have to poop right now.

This led to questions about God, which we define as a “powerful spirit” since the concept is familiar from Amulet.

―There were lots of things people didn’t know, so they’d ask “Why are there earthquakes?” and say “Maybe the spirit is angry,” and “Why does rain fall our gardens? Maybe the spirit is helping us,” and “Why is there a world? Why are there any people at all? Where did the first―”

―This is way more mindblowing than my version; I just talked about history.

She has a scooter, but the quickest entertainment is to take her anywhere at all on public transit.

—Caltrain sounds like California! I never even realized that!

Sleater-Kinney, Nob Hill Masonic, 2015.05.02

Man, I would have been less picky about The Woods ten years ago if I had known how little of its sort was coming after, and how well those songs would age in an empty field. I know they’ve been busy with television and such in this long interim; still they seemed to have popped right out of a time capsule, sharp as ever, from a time when we were hungrier in order to ask why we’d stopped being hungry.

“Let’s Call It Love” still isn’t my favorite, but this is just something about me and blues-rock. I remember when MC5: A True Testimonial had a showing in Portland and Corin went ape over it; it’s a mode. They did make the guitar solo jump around more than I remembered. Everything pounded. Anyway, Greil Marcus continues to have been right about “Start Together,” and they are my Joey Ramone.

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