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After a month of occasional battle with recalcitrant screws, I have removed the doors from the bathroom towel closet, and hey presto! built-in bookshelves. Peyton (happy birthday!) lent me her big bag of paint swatches and now I entertain chromatic fantasies; bedroom in blue, lemon-sorbet dining area, a coffee office.

Frequently asked questions, Malheur County, Oregon:

I want to get married. How do I get a license?
Marriage licenses can be used anywhere in the State of Oregon. The County Clerk is responsible for issuing them. There is a three-day waiting period, then the license is good for 60 days. There is a $60 fee; cash or money order are accepted - no checks are taken. Identification is required, either driver's license or a witness will be accepted. No blood test or physical exam is required to obtain a license.

How can I bail my friend out of jail?
For information about jail questions, call: (541) 473-5126 or (541) 473-5125

When is my trial?
For information about trials or jury duty, call: (541) 473-5171

Where can I get a restraining order?
For information about restraining orders, call: (541) 473-5127

What kind of weed is this?
If you have a weed you can't identify, you can call the County Weed Inspector for an onsite identification, or collect as much of the plant as possible, including the root, put it in a plastic bag and keep it as cool as possible. Bring it to the Weed Inspector's office at the County Road Department, 1001 Barkley Drive in Vale, or to the County Extension office at 710 S.W. Fifth Ave. in Ontario.


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