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yes, still waiting for godot my truck

Stephen Moore, president of the Club for Growth, a conservative group, said Mr. Bush had been "one of the biggest-spending presidents we've had in 20 years." But, he added, "he has cut taxes, so politically that has protected him."

"A month ago, he passed this huge tax cut that I think is terrific—I mean, I'm thrilled by that—and now this month he's passing this preposterous prescription drug benefit, and I'm furious at him," Mr. Moore said. "But I can't get too angry with him because he passed this tax cut. That's the way this administration works."

That's right; it's fine for him to spend money when he's already taken steps to ensure that the government doesn't have that money! Do you people not think? A mollusc trained with basic stimulus-response conditioning could do better.

the story so far

The people at Budget Trucks claim that there is no moving truck to be had for love or money in the entire great state of Arizona. This is notwithstanding that I reserved my truck over a month ago. "WHAT IS THIS," I asked them, "MOTHERFUCKING BELARUS? PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON CAPITALISM WILL FAIL." They are curt, harassed, overworked, pitiable, like the low-level Court functionaires in The Trial.

So I call U-Haul and U-Haul says "Sure, we can get you a truck. Let's see if we can get you a truck today." That was three days ago. When I call their regional distribution center I have to listen to a three-minute recording of a perky man trying to sell me additional services about five or six times, then I get transferred to a phone that rings for between three and four minutes before one of the coprophages at the distribution center extracts her head from her colon in order to answer the phone, and she says "Sorry, we're experiencing a twenty-four hour delay," and I say, "THEN EXPLAIN THE GODDAMN 72-HOUR PERIOD DURING WHICH NO TRUCK HAS APPEARED! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE TERRORISTS ARE WINNING?" and then I hang up the phone and urinate on the phone to further express my displeasure.

Then I call Penske and Penske says "Of course we can get you a truck; that will be three thousand dollars, please," and I say "WHY NOT RAPE MY GRANDPARENTS WHILE YOU'RE AT IT, YOU MERCENARY PLUTOCRATS? I BET ALL OF YOU AT THE OFFICE WEAR TOP HATS DYED WITH THE BLOOD OF THE DOWNTRODDEN," and then I rip the phone from the wall and strap all my possessions to my rippling muscular back and run off into the sunset, just to show them.

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