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cleaning house

I am back from Portland. I found my dream apartment, or some close approximation; a generously proportioned one-bedroom with refinished hardwoods, about three blocks from Powell's on Hawthorne. In three weeks I move.

What till then?

For the moment, I'm clearing away detritus. This is what moving is about; you sort through the contents of your life, keep what pleases you, discard what doesn't. I'm starting from scratch here.

organized labor

acquire Shure SM57 mike, Boss overdrive pedal
acoustic guitar on 2-3 songs
electric guitars, keyboards, and vocals on all 14 songs
take photographs, assemble cover art in Adobe Illustrator
email inquires about mastering and pressing (probably after the move)

build new CD rack, or follow engineer dad's clever suggestion to expand current rack's capacity
build website for aunt, from whom compensation has already been received in form of beautiful new Guild acoustic guitar ("Ruby")
—email bids for other websites (after move)
—tell Iowa, the credit card people, the post office, Working Assets, the bank, student loan sharks that I'm moving
cancel phone, broadband
—arrange for phone, broadband in Portland
—pack, sort through what to take/leave in Tucson/donate/throw out, take crap to Goodwill
—defrost the fridge, all that rot
confirm moving truck appointment

new monitor (alas, no flatscreen, but it was free)
—French press
—usable knife set
—small funky tables, rugs (acquire after move)
—pipe dreams, or at any rate dreams deferred: functional desktop w/ DVD drive and CD writer, scanner, better stereo amplifier, better record player, better AM/FM receiver, bicycle.

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