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soylent pynchon

The comments box declaims:

Mason & Dixon!! It's made of PEOPLE!!!

and this is quite possible. It certainly does weigh enough.

The Beastie Boys are being sued over that flute sample in "Pass the Mic."

Either way, "Pass the Mic" remains a Beastie Boys favorite, popping up in their remixes, their live performances and a recent DVD release. All of it infuriates Newton who also has to swallow the fact that his "Choir"—which he composed as an ode to the spiritual music that inspired him as a youngster—has also made a cameo in the puerile "Beavis & Butthead" television series thanks to the show's use of "Pass the Mic."

"This is a work that celebrates God's place in the African American struggle for freedom in this country," Newton said. "And, for me, this has become a nightmare."

Ever since Eric found the official site for Naqoyqatsi, he's been hounding me with director Godfrey Reggio's assertion that language no longer describes our world. For predictable reasons, I took umbrage at this and used the enclosed machinery to respond.


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